Friday, 6 May 2011

The British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal - how to fundraise

As I already wrote in the previous post, I will be running the Liverpool Women's 10k THIS SUNDAY in order to raise funds for the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

Using the website for fundraising should have been a lot easier, but we came across some problems, which is why I thought I'd post the relevant info here:

When setting up one's fundraising page on one can either select an event or a personal challenge, etc. - then you select your charity of choice. Now, it is NOT possible to directly select the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. Instead, you should select the British Red Cross (without any further specifications) as your charity and then complete the steps to finish setting up your page.
Once this is done, you should email with the address of your justgiving website and ask them to code the page up to that the funds go directly to the Japan Tsunami Appeal.
You can also contact your local British Red Cross office and ask them to do the same. They will also be able to inform you about the logistics and requirements of any other fundraising activities you are planning in your area.

One-of donations can be made directly to the BRC Japan Tsunami Appeal, however, this might not suit your fundraising needs if you are collecting money over a longer period of time and rely on people donating for a particular event.

I would be extremely grateful for any donations made for Japan! The run on Sunday is not the only one I will be doing, I am intending to participate in the Liverpool Tunnel 10k (June 12th 2011) as well, and my page will remain open. Donations can be made here - Thank you so much! :)

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