Saturday, 5 April 2008

Egyptian Archaeology my thing, as I might have previously mentioned.
Have excavated on one urban site in Egypt (not telling which) and have come to understand the importance of cities in Ancient Egypt. My concentration lies on the New Kingdom and its so-called capital cities and urban centres.

I feel the necessity to look into the development of the so-called Egyptian capital cities from the time of their foundation to their decrease in importance throughout the New Kingdom, and, where applicable, before and after.

My focus will be the cities of Piramesses and Amarna, due to the amount of recent work undertaken there and discoveries especially in the realm of industrial archaeology - extensive workshops of mass-producing character have been discovered within the last 20 years. These range from pottery over metal and glass production to the making of faience and lesser goods.

In my opinion the evaluation of workshops and other industrial evidence is a valid starting point for the discussion of New Kingdom capital cities, their development and status and their roles and functionality within the country.

From here, one can also establish national networks and international trade routes of goods coming from these capitals, linking the ancient world at the time of the New Kingdom.

I shall be adding to this in time to come.