Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The 2012 Gurob Harem Palace Project Conference

The 2012 Gurob Harem Palace Project Conference, which was organised jointly with the University of Liverpool Ancient Worlds Summer School, took place at the University of Liverpool on Sunday 29 July 2012. 

The programme was as follows:

  1. The latest news from our 2012 fieldwork – Ian Shaw (University of Liverpool)
  2. Recording the 2011-12 looting at Gurob – Anna Hodgkinson (University of Liverpool)
  3. Gleanings from Gurob: Reinvestigation and Redisplay at the Manchester Museum – Dr Campbell Price (Curator of Egypt & Sudan, Manchester Museum)
  4. Gurob’s trade with the Aegean – Dr Valentina Gasperini (University of Bologna)
  5. Faience bowls and amulets at Gurob – Dr Tine Bagh (Curator, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen)
  6. Culture of Beauty in an Egyptian Palace – Dr Ole Herslund (University of Copenhagen)
  7. Queen Mary's Spoon? – Jan Picton and Ivor Pridden (University College London);
  8. Objects in focus in the Garstang Museum – studying Gurob-related objects.
Please see the GHPP website for paper abstracts and a detailed report by Andrea Byrnes.