Saturday, 31 October 2009

Problems with Ubuntu 9.10 on my Advent Netbook

I upgraded my Advent 4211c (or MSI wind u100) netbook from 8.10 to 9.04 last night which seemed to have worked fine. Then I decided to upgrade it to 9.10 and now several features have stopped working:

- The touchpad no longer works (rather important for a netbook)
- There is no sound and no option to turn it on
- The screen sometimes goes black without warning. This has only
occurred twice so far.

Some errors were reported at the end of the installation, but I took no note of them (realise now I should have done). The messages said something along the lines of "some errors were encountered, installation not done properly". Then it asked whether I wanted to report some errors and when I clicked "yes" it told me that I had no "genuine(?)" copy of Ubuntu.

Anyone got any ideas? I would be grateful for help!!! :-(

I have posted the same on the Ubuntu forums:


Yann said...

Hallo Anna, wie hast due die upgrade gemacht, mit irgendeiner GUI, mit do-release-upgrade, apt-get?

Probier einfach mal sudo apt-get update und dann sudo apt-get upgrade wieder, wenn bei der installation was falsch gegangen ist sollte das wieder eine fehler meldung bringen.

Damit wird man wissen koennen, was genau schief gegangen ist, was vielleicht fur deine probleme eine erklärung geben wird (aber vielleicht auch nicht).

Weisst du was deinen Laptop fur ne graphik karte hat? Das mit dem blackscreen könnte ein problem mit dem driver sein. Du kannst auch probieren die "special effects" zu deaktivieren (= compiz), der ist bei mir gerade ziemlich unstabil - hoffentlich wird das problem bald behoben, das ging vorher.

The Biting Wires said...

Hi Yann and thanks for your help :-) Should have read this before I re-installed 9.10...this time from scratch (bootable usb stick) - it works really well now:
- sound
- touchpad
- and yes, I assume that the driver for my graphics chip was missing...

All good now. BUT still no clue exactly why the installation went wrong given it was probably the only thing I did after upgrading to 9.04. Although 2 upgrades in one night may not have been exactly favourable... :-)

Rafa MJ said...

Yaaaaann, can you translate your comment into English please? I've got a friend who has told me that he's got some problems with his we-fi when upgrading to 9.10 (I have decided not to do it until after 6 months, I will go always one version behind) and I wonder if the solution might be also in that comment. He says that the signal icon appears faded, like if it was there but not completely, like a ghost (?). I am sorry I am not in the best situation now to help him :(

Anna, I agree: two upgrades in one evening might be too much... I'm glad your problems are solved :) I hope you are ok!! xx